Life Lessons From Dad:
101 Ways to Get More From Life (From Someone Who Loves You)
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"Life Lessons From Dad is a masterpiece wrapped in love from a Dad to his adult children on how to live a better life...

Chip has given us something to learn from and to keep close as the inevitable slings and arrows of life attempt to knock us down."  

--Hal Elrod, Bestselling Author of The Miracle Morning.
FINALLY! The book that covers all of the things where SCHOOL falls miserably short. This is the definitive guide to life for newly minted adults written by a loving Dad to his children.

Chip Franks has made all of the mistakes, so you don't have to...he just gives and gives like that. This is advice earned the hard way, delivered in an imminently readable, funny, and ACTIONABLE way.

This lovingly crafted tome teaches:
  •  How to Find the "Magic" spot of Career and Passion. Page 153
  •  How to Get Every Single Job You Want. Page 158
  •  How to Deal With the Darkness in Your Life. Page 375
  •  What to Do When You're So Scared You Can't See Straight. Page 79
  •  Why the Golden and Platinum Rules are Outdated, and What to Do Instead. Page 88
  •  The Often Overlooked Habit For More Energy and Less Brain Fog. Page 298
  •  Simple Daily Practices that will REVOLUTIONIZE Your Life. Page 266
  •  One Factor You MUST Consider on the Most Important Decision of Your Life. Page 111
  •  How to Stop Crippling Bad Habits Dead in Their Tracks Page 155
  •  How to Harness the Life-Transforming Habit of Journaling to Make Everything In Your Life Better Page 95
  •  The Daily Practice that Keeps You Mentally Sharp, and Turns You Into an Idea Machine in a few Minutes a Day Page 100
  •  Use A Modified Version of Tony Robbins' Time Management Technique to Orchestrate Nearly Any Outcome You Can Dream Page 109
  •  Why Most Colleges and Universities are Wastes of Time, but What You Can Do to Make the Experience Valuable Page 190
  •  How to Love Yourself Like EVERYTHING in Your World Depends On It (Because it Does) Page 62
Chip Franks is a Husband and Daddy in Central Texas. He is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcaster in his spare time. And an exceptional dancer, especially to 80's Music.
In fact, there are over 100 pieces of transformational insights contained herein--each of them potentially life-changing--along with ACTION STEPS on how to actually implement these into your life.
Be Notified When the Book is Free, and Get Several Free Chapters Now.
 Here's What People Are Saying About Chip Franks:
"When you first meet Chip you are probably going to think that this guy can't be that perfect. 
But no matter the years that go, the answer to that thought will always be. Yes he can. Oh yes he is." 

--Christina Rasmussen
Author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again and Founder of Life Re-Entry Institute
"Chip Franks is @#$%& awesome."

--Steve Sims
Author of Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen and CEO/Founder of The BlueFish Luxury Concierge Services
"Chip is good and giving and caring. All true. To the Nth degree.
 More importantly - he is real. From our first conversation...he was open to sharing the full range of life - to celebrate what is awesome and to freely discuss what isn't. 
That's truth. That's how we grow. And that's who Chip is."

--Chris Plough
Founder of Mavenware, Podcast Host
"Chip Franks is all heart - and it's infectious. He is a consistent contributor to all of those around him, and has a superpower of offering the perfect token of useful advice, love, or laughter, in the moments that you need it most."
--Akira Chan
Cofounder of RARE Media
"Besides having a heart the size of an ocean, Chip easily sees what is possible for the future and can see the best path forward. He is a momentum catalyst and brings contagious energy and a commitment to excellence to the table!"
--Lisa Ferguson
Founder 1000 Watt Life
"When I saw this man, I knew he was someone to be reckoned with...he moves with the predatory grace of a panther, and yet has a heart that makes Mother Teresa seem like a schoolyard bully."
--Chip Franks
Author of Life Lessons from Dad.
Be Notified When the Book is Free, and Get Several Free Chapters Now.